Surner Heating...A Full Service Company.

Surner Heating Co. is a full-service provider.  Not all oil dealers have their own highly trained service departments.  We have always had our own service technicians, who are on call 24/7.  The sweet taste of saving a few pennies per gallon with an "oil-only" dealer will quickly sour on a cold January night when you need service to make an emergency repair.

We offer several service plans to satisfy our customers' needs. We have designed these plans to provide the most effective coverage while keeping the cost reasonable. If you are a Surner oil customer, we will service your heating system to ensure your comfort anytime, day or night.

Your heating system is the heart and soul of your home...why would you want to gamble on a company that doesn't invest in their own service department.  One of the best ways to ensure that your heating system is performing at its maximum efficiency and identify potential emergency repairs is to have it serviced yearly.

We offer three service plans to our heating oil customers, Plan A, Plan B, and Plan C. Each plan starts with a comprehensive servicing and inspection of the heating system and oil tank. The different plans offer our customers different levels of coverage depending on the needs of the homeowner.

Plan A.    $109.95 plus parts.

This is our annual tune-up program.  It includes one service call to clean and tune up your heating system for maximum efficiency.  The tune-up includes the following: Brush and vacuum all heating surfaces including the smoke pipe, clean the chimney base if accessible, remove the nozzle assembly, change nozzle, clean assembly, adjust electrodes and inspect the assembly.  We clean or replace the pump strainer, replace oil filter, and inspect the combustion chamber.  We oil all motors and bearings, flush and test low-water cut-off control, (steam boilers), check controls, adjust fire and do a combustion efficiency test to obtain maximum efficiency.  Annual tune-up includes labor up to 1-1/2 hours.  For systems that require additional work, labor will be charged at normal service rates (i.e., direct-vented units, unforeseen repairs and systems with difficult access.)

Plans B & C both include the annual cleaning of Plan A. *Plans B & C are only available to our customers who are on automatic delivery.

Plan B. $139.95 plus parts

Plan B covers the annual cleaning described in Plan A plus the labor costs associated with service to any of the parts listed below during normal business hours.  For service calls after hours and on weekends, you will only pay our standard daytime rate, not the overtime rate.   Service calls that involve other parts of the heating system not on the list below will be billed at our normal labor rates and parts costs.

Plan C. $194.95

Plan C covers the annual cleaning as well as labor and parts costs associated with service to any of the parts listed below regardless of the time of day or night.  Service calls that involve other parts of the heating system not on the list will be billed at our normal labor rates and parts costs.

Parts associated with plans B & C:

Standard Oil burner Motor Standard Fuel Pump
Standard blower Motor (up to 1/3 H.P.) Single Acting Aquastat
Burner Motor Pump Coupling Gauge Glass & Washers
Ign. Transformer Standard Thermostat
Electrodes Cadcell Complete
Primary Control (Standard & Stack relay) Oil Filter Cartridge
Direct drive Blower motor (up to 1/3 H.P.) Fan & Limit Control
Fire-o-matic Oil Valves Nozzle
Thermal Electric Switches Pressuretrol
Oil Burner & Emergency Switches Blower Belt
Standard Tank Gauge Oil Burner Fan
Service Switch Nozzle Line

All other types of service calls will be billed at our standard rates for parts and labor.   * Plan B & C are only available to our customers that are on automatic delivery.*

Water Heater: $49.95
We will provide a complete cleaning and tune-up of the oil burner on your oil fired water heater.  This must be scheduled at the same time as the tune-up for the primary heating system.  This option does not include any parts or labor for emergency service calls for oil burner or water tank.

Oil Tank Insurance: $34.95
Should your 275 gallon inside storage tank develop a leak due to corrosion from within, there will be no charge to repair the leak.  If the leak can not be repaired, we will provide you with a free 275 gallon oil tank and up to $200.00 of free labor toward the total cost of the tank replacement.  This option does not include any fittings, loss of oil, any clean-up costs, or the cost of tank disposal.   The customer is responsible for the removal of any partitions or obstructions that may hinder tank removal and installation.   First time sign up is subject to inspection and customer must be on automatic delivery.

Air Conditioning P.M.I.: $109.95
We will perform a complete preventative maintenance inspection of the air conditioning system when weather allows.  Service includes travel, 1 1/2 hr. labor, lubricants, and standard cleaning agents as needed.  Any other parts, labor and materials will be charged at our prevailing rates.  The service will be scheduled during normal working hours.  Service calls outside the P.M.I., or emergency service will be charged at prevailing labor rates for air-conditioning.

Humidifier Maintenance: $17.95
Humidifier maintenance includes: Cleaning humidifier pan, float assembly, and wheel.  If media pad is in good condition it will be also cleaned, otherwise replaced.  The float will be checked for operation and adjusted if necessary.  Humidifier servicing will be scheduled at the time the primary heating system is serviced for the 17.95 rate, all other times will be charged at our standard labor rate.

Propane Unit Cleaning: $132 plus parts
Annual tune-up includes:
Cleaning burners and manifold assembly
Checking manifold gas pressure and pilot safety
Draining water and checking low water cut-off operation
Checking venting in CO level
Performing efficiency test

Hours of operation:

Monday-Friday 8:00-5:00
Summer Hours:
Monday-Friday 8:00-4:30
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